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About Coco Banana The Entrance

Located on the beautiful foreshore of The Entrance, Coco Banana restaurant is a colourful and rich addition to the Central Coast restaurant scene. Coco Banana Brazilian Churrasco brings a rich culture and distinct flavour of Brazil to the Central Coast. Open since 2010, the restaurant offers panoramic views of Tuggerah Lakes from every corner, as well as from the picturesque alfresco setting of our terrace. Coco Banana combines the finest, authentic Brazilian cuisine with a warm and inviting atmosphere and friendly and attentive staff. On Friday and Saturday nights, we complement the food and service with a spectacular samba floorshow, bringing the colour and passion of Rio’s carnaval to the Central Coast.

Why Coco?

Because coco is not just short for coconut; it is also an African-influenced musical rhythm that originated in northern Brazil. Consisting of a series of repetitive but electrifying musical beats, it perfectly complements the communal joy and excitement of traditional Brazilian celebrations, parties and carnivals.

Why Banana?

Because Brazil accounts for 10% of the world’s banana production. More importantly, banana is a word recognized in nearly every European language including Portuguese, French, English, Italian, Croatian, Maltese, Czech, Dutch and Danish … just to name a few.

Why Churrasco?

Because Churrasco is the very heart and soul of Brazilian cuisine. A popular form of BBQ, Churrasco originated in the early 18th century among the gauchos or cowboys of the Rio Grande do Sul region in Brazil, on the wide-open plains of the pampas. After a day herding cattle, gauchos would light a fire, place selected cuts of succulent meat on large skewers by the coals, and leave them to cook slowly. Once the meat was done to perfection, the gauchos used knives to slice portions onto their plates. The Churrasco phenomenon quickly spread to Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro, and from there to the rest of the world.

In a Brazilian churrascaria or BBQ restaurant like Cocoa Banana, a selection of prime cuts of different meats are slowly barbequed over charcoal until tender. Once you’ve selected your fixed-price banquet option, salads are served and then, waiters bring skewers from the BBQ, and slice the meat directly onto your plates. With up to 16 different cuts on offer, and continuous tableside service, churrasco at Coco Banana means you can enjoy a superb variety of beef, chicken, pork and sausages, limited only by your appetite. Salad, rice and other side dishes are served to complement the exquisite flavours of the meat. If you’d prefer, seafood and vegetarian banquet options are also available.

In addition, we have a selection of traditional and modern a la carte dishes, including feijoada and moqueca.

Churrasco is not something to be rushed – it is the very opposite of ‘fast food’. So when you join us for a meal at Coco Banana, you’re welcome to sit back in your chair, savour our delicious food, wine, beer and exotic cocktails, as you enjoy the company of your family and friends. The ambience is guaranteed to enchant you, lift up your spirits and set your heart racing, seducing you with the sounds and rhythms of Latin America and the spectacular samba shows performed by our professional dancers.

Welcome to Coco Banana! – A touch of Brazil on Australia’s Central Coast

With its colourful and vibrant ambience, spectacular food and entertainment, the undiluted joy of Brazil’s rich and multi-faceted culture awaits you at Coco Banana.

Set on the idyllic foreshore of Tuggerah Lakes at The Entrance, Coco Banana is the perfect choice for a night out or function. Vibrant and colourful, this Brazilian restaurant and nightspot, is the only one of its kind on the Central Coast. With a selection of banquet options, including meat, seafood or vegetarian, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the distinct flavours of Brazil. Our wine-list has also been carefully chosen to complement the distinctive flavours of Coco Banana’s remarkable cuisine, and our bar boasts a wide selection of tropical cocktails, exotic liqueurs and mixed drinks, and an extensive range of local and imported beers, rums and other spirits. Perfect for any celebration large or small!

Featuring a samba floorshow on Friday and Saturday nights, and an eclectic mix of Brazilian music and dance styles – you can experience firsthand the sounds and rhythms of Latin America and the spectacular samba shows performed by our professional dancers and musicians.